Who We Are

We are a highly successful, entrepreneurially centric group of people with an immense amount of experience in the financial services sector. We possess a clear, high level of understanding of human dynamics, human intelligence and the South African economic and financial landscape & the people within it.

We provide revolutionary Holistic Financial Planning & one- on- one as well as company and employee based wellness initiatives and offerings to Individuals & Corporates alike, as well as a variety of other unique value added services.

Our unique and highly specialised Wellness infrastructures and initiatives, which incorporates multiple wellness partners, is unique to the South African landscape and incorporates unique state of the art individual and corporate Wellness assessing tools, technology and mobility.

We all have goals in life; whether you actively pursue them or not; throughout your life you will make decisions that affect your lifestyle today and into the future.

We work with our clients to help them understand the financial implications of the life decisions that they make.

Together with our clients, we form a partnership that works hard on decisions that will affect their current and future livelihood and lifestyle.

We base our service to clients on helping them understand the path that they want their lives to take and then help them consider the financial implications of their lifestyle decisions.

To effectively accomplish things, we insist on fully understanding your life plan first.

We utilise state of the art tools and technology that allow us to accurately assess and help make decisions that give you both peace of mind and show a clear holistic picture of where you are today and how to effectively plan for the future.

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