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Many people think that in order to make money it is adequate to have a high IQ business plan, or to be smart in numbers or opportunities. What they do not realise is that Intellectual lntelligence (IQ) in economics, although necessary, it is not enough by itself.

When comparing Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) with a detailed & scientific sophisticated recipe for a diet it is certainly, but not enough, for a person to lose weight. There are many good recipes for diets. What is important is to have the right Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so as to pass to the sub consious the plan of the diet to then conduct it.

It is the same with financial achievement. It is required that the Financial EQ will train the subconscious to be ready for conduction of the IQ Financial Plan. In other words to appropriate yourself.

First is to become the right person, then do the right actions so as to have the right properties.

Financial EQ involves changing your awareness , your beliefs about money, their role and the emotional content of your financial decisions and actions. As they say, it is different to know what to act from to act what you know.

It seems that such an intelligence and wisdom is most unusual and difficult to obtain, if we are based only on the traditional values.

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