We are involved in a strategic partnership with Sphere Financial, a specialist Accounting firm, headed up by Chris Vivier who is a member of SAIPA (South African institute of Professional Accountants).

The team has over 25 years of practical accounting experience.

They are a well-established business and are well known for their exceptional service and efficiencies. They provide us with a key add value service that is essential to our clients, especially around tax season.

They are SARS registered Tax Practitioners and provide the following tax services:

  • Complete and submit required tax registrations
  • All statutory returns (SARS) ensuring tax compliance with regards to VAT and PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Calculating Value Added Taxation (VAT)
  • Calculating Income Tax
  • Assistance and/or management of SARS audits
  • Preparation and submission of individual and company tax returns
  • Management of tax affairs through planning, maintenance and advise
  • Preparation and submission of provisional tax returns
  • Tax clearances applications for tenders etc.
  • Tax directive applications
  • Payment arrangements

We are able to refer all of our clients in the safe knowledge that they will get the highest level of service possible, by a dedicated team, with a proven track record. On-going feedback is provided to clients throughout their interactions with Chris and his team. We are kept in the loop through all interactions, in so doing allowing us to constantly be aware of and look after the latest and most important needs of our clients, both new and old.

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