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Global Education Protector

Ensures your children’s education when you can’t.

For most families education is one of the most important and expensive monthly costs. How would you provide for the education of your children if you became severely ill, disabled or died?

Does your family need the Global Education Protector?

This product is for parents who want to ensure that their children will have every opportunity to follow their dreams, even if the unthinkable happens.

How the Global Education Protector works:

  • The Global Education Protector enables you to meet the actual costs of your child’s education–inSouth Africa and internationally. Your children will have the opportunity to study at top international universities like Harvard and Oxford.•
  • We will cover the costs of pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary schooling.
  • We will cover the cost of your child upgrading to private schooling from the beginning of the next education year.
  •  We cover tuition, residence and study material costs with this benefit.
  • You and your spouse can be covered.

Education costs:

The cost of education, in particular private education, is high. The current cost of education, at various levels, is illustrated below:

Making sure that your payout is sufficient:

Discovery Life will ensure that we continue the payments that the policyholder would have been making towards education before their death, severe illness or disability event. The table below illustrates the value (in today’s money) of the current maximum benefits provided by the Global Education Protector for a child entering at the specified education level if the life assured suffers a life-changing event.

How long will you be covered for?

Cover lasts until the beginning of the education year in which your child turns 24 or completes his or her first qualification, whether it is a degree, diploma or trade certification. Cover will also end when the main policy holder turns 65. If no claim has been made by this point, the benefit automatically converts to provide additional life cover, disability and severe illness cover for the lives assured.

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Does your family need the Global Education Protector?