Gap cover

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients is “Why did my medical aid not cover the full cost of my hospitalization?” I thought I was covered for 100% of costs.

Gap cover does not form part of your medical scheme membership.

Medical aid, being fraught with small-print, is a minefield for the regular individual out there, who is just looking for the peace of mind that medical aid cover is supposed to offer us.

All anybody wants to know is, as long as they are paying their medical aid contributions, they will be covered in the event of a catastrophe, such as a car accident, as well as their his normal day-to-day expenses at a healthcare provider.

It is for definite that nobody wants to become bankrupt over additional costs they become aware of only once they have been discharged from hospital. Additional costs which they can ill afford, and which are likely to put them back in hospital due to the financial stress they are now placed under.

Complimed are the market leaders in Gap Cover. They were formed in November 2003 and currently administer policies to over 58 000 principal members, with a collective premium totalling more than R 95 million per annum.

CompliMed works solely through a network of Independent and Corporate Brokers throughout RSA such as ourselves.

The CompliMed range of products includes Health Insurance, Funeral Cover and Health Premium Protection benefits.

Hollard Group Risk (Hollard) are the insurers on all Complimed products.

Gap Cover Incorporates The Following:

Health Rate Enhancer

Does your medical aid pay for in-hospital procedures at 100, 200 or 300% of the medical aid rate? If so, you may well find yourself with a shortfall due to the attending doctors charging more than what your medical aid is prepared to pay.

This product will complement your medical aid, by ENHANCING the level of your in-hospital procedure cover, to as much as 500%.

Health Rate Enhancer 70+

For those principal members between the ages of 71 - 80

Self-Payment Protector

Are you required to pay a co-payment for certain procedures, for example scopes or scans? The Self-Payment Protector will assist with this shortfall.

Hospital Sub-Limit Extender

Certain Medical Aids have annual limits. Does yours ? If so, then our Hospital Annual Limit Extender will assist in this shortfall.

Cancer Treatment Enhancer

Does your Medical Aid cover the treatment of cancer in full? Our Cancer Treatment Enhancer will supplement these shortfalls.

The Cancer Treatment Enhancer Policy will provide you and your family with the peace of mind knowing that there is an additional R200 000 available, should the unthinkable happen.

Hospital Annual Limit Extender

Certain Medical Aids have annual limits. Does yours? If so, then our Hospital Annual Limit Extender will assist in this shortfall.

Family Funeral Protector

Death & taxes are two of life's certainties. Does your family have sufficient cover should one of them unexpectedly pass away ? Our Family Funeral Cover will assist in this shortfall.

Health Premium Protector

Who will pay the contribution on your medical aid should you pass away and the execution of your estate be delayed ? The Health Premium Protector will assist with this shortfall.

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